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Continence / Bedwetting Advice

Bedwetting is a common childhood condition, affecting 1 in 8 primary school-aged children. Many children will grow out of the condition if left untreated, but it can be highly restrictive for the remainder, not to mention a source of ongoing frustration for their parents. 

As a continence advisor, pharmacist Dianne Graham provides professional guidance and support to help overcome bedwetting. Professional advice is recommended if your school-aged child:

  • is wetting during the day
  • has been dry at night for over a year and suddenly starts to wet the bed again
  • is still wetting the bed after the age of 6 or 7 years, and it is upsetting them.

Bedwetting alarms by Ramsey Coote are also available to hire through Thrive Pharmacy, which have a 70% success rate if bedwetting occurs during the night. 

Further information can be found at:

Recommended reading: “How You Can Be Boss Of The Bladder” by Dr Janet Hall, a book which lets both children and parent gain some insight into the management and eventual control of day- and night-time wetting.

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