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Blood Glucose Screening

Blood glucose screening (also known as blood sugar test) is a very simple finger-prick test which determines your blood sugar levels at a particular point in time. Blood sugar levels vary throughout the day and are impacted by diet, exercise, hormonal changes, and illness.

Blood glucose screening is often used in the management of diabetes. People with diabetes often monitor their own blood sugar levels at home with the use of a blood glucose monitor. As blood sugar levels generally go up & down, blood glucose screening is not used for the diagnosis of diabetes (a HbA1c test provides a more comprehensive overview). However, a high blood glucose reading can indicate a risk of diabetes. If diabetic, regular testing helps improve overall health management.

Appointments are not required for blood glucose screenings. Your doctor may request a random or fasting test (if fasting, you may want to consider coming in close to our opening time of 8am). Your pharmacist will discuss your results and provide further advice, such as a referral to a GP, if required.

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